8. Wheelock 4th of July Parade

    4th of July each year

    10:00 a.m. parade begins

    11:00 a.m. until sold out-BBQ at the Old, Historic Wheelock Schoolhouse

    The parade begins on Bazaria Street in Wheelock, Texas 77882 

    Contact: Joe and Kathy Hedrick-979-828-4347

6. New Baden Jamboree

    1st Saturday of each month

    6-10 p.m.

    New Baden Community Center

    New Baden, Texas 77870

​    **Burgers start being served at 5 p.m.

​    Facebook: New Baden Jamboree

1. Franklin Christmas Parade and 

​    Commnity Christmas Party

    6 p.m.-Parade (downtown Franklin)

    Community Christmas Party to      

    follow at the Pridgeon Center located at

​    351 Cooks Lane

    Franklin, Texas 77856

    Phone: 979-828-3276

    **Please check local newspapers for specific date and entry details.

Franklin Texas Information Center


7. Rocke'n S Saloon

    2940 FM 1644

    Franklin, Texas 77856

    Phone: 979-828-0022

    Facebook: Rocken S Saloon

9. Wheelock Pioneer Days

    9 a.m.-3 p.m.

   Bloodworth Center

   12403 S. FM 46

   Wheelock, Texas 77882

   This October event celebrates the pioneer days of Wheelock, Texas with vendors, 

   food, and reenactments.

   Contact: Jim Dunn at 979-589-3624

   **Look for ads in the local newspapers and public service announcements on 

   local television and radio stations for the specific time and date for this event.


3. Franklin Independent School District Athetics


    Facebook: Franklin Isd

    **Please check the FISD website and local newspapers

​    for all sports schedules.

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4. Louie's Icehouse

    211 N. Center St.

    Franklin, Texas 77856

    Phone: 979-828-1444

    Facebook: Louie's Icehouse

**Charles Ellison's picture is courtesy of MT3 Photography. Dolly Deal's picture is courtesy of Joe and Kathy Hedrick.  The picture of the Sowell Family at the New Baden Jamboree is courtesy of Betty Craig.  Franklin ISD Fight Song is recorded and performed by Mary Pepper and the Franklin High School Band.

5. Mistletoe Market

    Organized by the Franklin Chamber of Commerce

    351 Cooks Lane

    Franklin, Texas 77856

    Phone: 979-828-3276

    **Please call  for vendor details as well as specific date and time

    for this event.  Also the local​ newspapers will have the specific

    date and time information in them as well.

2. Franklin Community Ranch Park 4th

    of July Fireworks Show

    This spectacular fireworks show is sponsored by

    Franklin ISD and local community sports groups.

    **Check the FISD website, local newspapers, and flyers

    posted at area businesses throughout the community for

​    specific date and time.