Franklin Texas Information Center


     The community of Franklin was established in 1872 and has been the county seat of Robertson County since 1879.  With a population of 1564, Franklin is centrally located among the Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio metroplexes.  U.S. Hwy 79 is the major highway that serves Franklin.  The central location of Franklin allows the best of both worlds-the shopping and arts offered in large cities and the luxury of quiet country living.  In addition, the history of the community is interwoven in the story of early settlement in the Robertson Colony and there are residents of the town who trace their ancestry to families that came to the area before the Texas Revolution.  With its rich history, interesting historical landmarks, attractions, and friendly atmosphere Franklin welcomes tourists to come and eat, stay, shop, and play in Franklin, Texas.

**Courtesy of the City of Franklin website.